Billing Systems


Current challenges in the billing industry

  1. Manual Reading Meters
    • Require a person to take monthly readings
    • Bills are prepared manually
    • Payment collection is a hassle
    • Accuracy is <5%
  2. Digital meters
    • Are expensive
    • Fail in cost in apartments as the cost to implement is high with multiple inputs
    • In case of GSM devices, they have a high per meter operational cost
    • Configuration for multiple inputs is difficult
  3. Compliance
    • If a consumer isn’t paying bills, there is very little water supply companies can do. Digging up roads to cut off supply isn’t always a viable option

Solutions by Agua

  1. Internet connected meters
    • Automatic update of real time consumption
    • Automated bills available on a mobile app
    • Online payment collection
    • <1% accuracy
  2. PLC multi sensor system
    • A single data acquisition system can have 1-40 water flow sensors connected
    • Sensors are <10% of the total meter solution (Current solutions)
    • Thousands of sensors can communicate via wireless to a single GSM device. This brings the per sensor operational cost to <0.1% when compared to existing systems
    • Our application platform can configure any number of sensors to a single user
  3. Cloud based algorithm
    • An algorithm on a cloud server will automatically shut off the supply to particular user without the need of any manual intervention. Alternatively it may also set the supply to a minimum level. With an online system users can restore water supply easily by paying through an application platform.

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