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IOT based Wireless Water Level Controller – Single Phase

Experience the freedom of managing water levels at your home from anywhere in the world. Agua Wireless Water Level Controllers provide the level of water in various tanks of your home right on a mobile app. It automates the motor and provides manual and scheduled control of the motor.

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NOTE: Suitable for single phase motors up to 3 HP only.


If the level in the overhead tank is less than 30% and the sump is greater than 30%, the pump is turned on until the overhead tank is full.

Scheduled Run:

The motor turns on at the set timings and stays on until the overhead tank is full or the sump is empty or the motor runs dry.

Manual Run:

All automation parameters are ignored and the motor runs until switched off by the app.


The device works on N.A.R.A wireless protocol which provides up to 1 km wireless range. Read more here.

Dry Run:

If the motor runs dry for longer than 8 minutes, it is turned off. This feature is however only activated if the device is calibrated using the app.

Level Sensing:

Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor: The sensor is positioned on the top inside the tank. It never comes in contact with water as it uses sound to find the level of water, this makes it truly corrosion proof. It has <1 cm sensing accuracy and can work for up to 12 years.

Surge Protection:

A highly precise Metal Oxide Varistor protects the device from occasional surges and a fuse protects from prolonged surges.

Device Service:

Since the device is plug&play, it can be removed easily and the motor can be plugged in the place of device and operated manually.

A complaint is registered on the app. A delivery executive will visit your location, provide a replacement unit and pick up the non functional unit. The non functional unit will be sent to a factory where it will be inspected and a report will be sent to the user on the app.

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